TRIA Beauty

Tria Beauty’s laser based skin care products help in maintaining the skin smooth and silky. A few years back, Tria Beauty developed the first laser based device for hair removal called the LightSheer.

Using similar technology, TRIA beauty have come up with home based laser hair removal system which has been cleared by the FDA as the only at home system delivering permanent hair removal solutions.

Tria – The Ultimate Laser Hair Removal System


TRIA Beauty hair removal system is the first at-home hair removal device that removes hair by targeting the melanin pigment present in the hair with the help of laser. The main triggering happens in the telogen phase or the resting phase.

This ensures that the skin surrounding the hair follicle is not harmed in any way. The device comes in a package that includes hand held laser resembling a hair dryer, a charger and a skin sensor.

You can use the TRIA only after getting it activated, for this you can either call the manufacturer number or use their online activation system. The TRIA comes pre-charged, and hence you can start using it immediately after activation.

Every time you want to use the product, you should unlock it using the skin sensor. For this, you have to hold the skin sensor to the area that you are planning to use the TRIA on. Now, press the button, if your skin tone is within the agreeable lightness you would get a green signal. Move the skin sensor in front of the laser, and it will immediately be unlocked.

The skin sensor is provided for the safety of users and only gives a green signal if your skin tone is light otherwise a red light is given. Wait! Of course your worries are clear, so what happens if you buy TRIA and then find that your skin tone is darker than the acceptable level.

Well, the manufacturers of TRIA have taken this issue into consideration and have come up with a 30 day money back guarantee along with free shipping charges. So you do not have to worry at all.


Using TRIA is very simple. Before using this laser system, you are required to shave your hair. This enables the laser to reach the base of the follicle easily. Select one of the three levels of intensity depending on your hair growth and degree of sensitivity.

Apply the device to your skin; there are three sensors and all three have to come in contact to your skin, however, a small beep is heard if any of these sensors do not come in contact with the skin and you can rectify immediately.

When applied rightly, you would be able to see a short impulse of light on the output window. Now wait for another second until the next beep is heard confirming that the treatment at that area is over. If the treatment is not complete the TRIA will buzz instead of the beep and you would have to reapply treatment in the same area once more.

You can continue this process till you cover the entire area that you have decided to. An average of 50 beeps is required to cover an area of one square inch (the size of your underarm).Who can use TRIA?

Every person who is of light complexion and has less sensitive skin type can use TRIA home hair removal system. However, if you are of darker complexion and are tanned then you should not try using laser treatment since it may cause serious side effects.


TRIA has shown very good results in independent laboratory trials giving a gradual reduction in hair count from the body. Although results after first and second uses are low, after the fourth treatment you would find more than 60% reduction in hair count and after the 8th treatment you would find your body almost hairless.

Advantages of TRIA

There are many advantages of TRIA over other hair removal methods.


With TRIA you can remove hair without any hassles at your home itself and do not have to spend time and money in beauty salons. This is more private too and can be done whenever you are free.Trigger Finger Not Necessary

Unlike other laser hair removal systems that require you to push the trigger finger over and over to get the desired effect, TRIA does not require you to push any such trigger finger. The laser goes off by its own when the triangular part in the head is pushed against the skin.

Faster treatment

If you take hair removal treatment from a salon, you would be asked to come often and hence you would have to wait too long and spend huge amount to see the complete results. With TRIA you can use the laser once in a fortnight and hence you can see the results sooner.

Overall What do i think?

TRIA Laser Hair Removal is a permanent solution to hair removal problems and provides easy, convenient and safe hair removal maintaining your comfort and privacy. Being the first ever laser at-home hair removal system, TRIA would be the best solution for people who want permanent solution to their long time hair woes.